The Door of Time

Once through the warehouse door, a journey through time begins, with period clothes, costumes and accessories of every period; reverse journey from modern day to the prehistoric, from the fig leaf to the astronaut’s spacesuit. A world of costumes made over a period of seventy years, protected from dust and hygienically perfectly preserved.

A Dynamic Warehouse

The warehouse is divided into historical periods and departments: military, civilian, ecclesiastical, sports and ethnic, underwear, children’s clothes, ancients, and ceremonial wear.
Over the years, thanks to the continuous making and buying of authentic clothing, from every corner of the globe, the stock continues to renew and expand, allowing for a wide choice to suit any project.

Not Just Clothes

… but accessories too, hats, belts, ties, girdles, panniers, crinolines, hairstyles, armour, braces, scarves and foulards, padding, capes, umbrellas, garters, furs, coveralls, dressing gowns… and a few pairs of shoes.

From Beginning to End

Annamode offers support in all phases of the project.
The coded archives, together with our management software with detailed images, allows us not only to effect fast and precise delivers,
to who we also offer a digital pre-delivery system for the entire shipment,
which simplifies delivery confirmation.

eCostumes Catalogue

A new solution for the costume department.
The first catalogue for film and opera costumes.
It is much more than a catalogue; it is a valid work tool.
Thousands of costumes and accessories for the entertainment industry, and much more.
Enter the warehouse and go through the various historical periods and categories.
Marvel at the thousands of period costumes and accessories, view each article, and admire the details thanks to the images in high definition.
Adding garments of interest to the list, you may download a PDF file with images to either print or send by email.
If you don’t find what you are looking for, send us an email with details of your project.
We will be only too happy to get back to you right away.

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