We dress dreams


In designing a tailored garment, we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology in order to guarantee the highest quality in cuts and reconstruction, be they philological or of artistic imagination, thus shortening production times and maintaining competitive prices for our products.


Our couture produces unique models with a high level of craftsmanship, from sketches and models or photos through the traditional method that consists of preparing the canvas, the tests, the studio, the correction of the canvas and measurements.


For more than twenty years, we have been filing accessories into our “AMDB” software for the various jobs carried out over the years, or taken from our original clothes and accessories Archives, dating from the seventeen hundreds to the 1980s, thus allowing for the perfect starting point for any kind of work one wishes to take on in the different epochs with an ample variety of cuts and sizes.


The use of ready-made prototypes in our “AMDB” software allows our artisan tailors a faster approach to the tailoring of the model, be it male or female, and the measuring of the actors or whoever has to be dressed.


Consultancy from our sartorial department helps the client throughout all the phases involved in the making of the garment, providing advice for specific fabrics to guarantee the best outcome for whatever historic periods. The choice of the right fabric suitable for a certain period ensures that the garment is planned and worked in the best way, ensuring the customer the best possible effects.


We carry out work on the fabrics and scene elaborations with qualified personnel in order to render as authentic as possible the finished product. Elaboration on the raw fabrics or finished garments is carried out by hand in an artisanal way, like many of the decorations that can be added to the garment, such as pleats, embroideries and even silk-screen prints with vintage designs to be reproduced on the fabrics themselves.